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Consultation Services

In today's world of commercial real estate your advisor needs to work with you not only in terms of transactional management and services, but also as an ongoing advisor or consultant to assist you in achieving the business goals of your company.

We can assist you by providing you with up to date reports with analysis of the current market and demographic studies to assist your business in making decisions based on quantifiable information, not hearsay or anecdotes.

Consultation Services and Reports we provide range from the following:

Demographic Reports

We use the most recent demographic reports from Statistics Canada to provide our clients with information about target markets they are interested in knowing more about. These reports include:

Demographic Reports
  • Household Characteristics: income, family size, and ownership status
  • Population Characteristics: mother tongue, visible minority status,
  • employment status, age, sex, and marital status.
  • Dwellings defined by: structure type, age and occupancy
Marketing Reports

Market Reports

We use software that accesses the most up to date information about buyers and sellers of commercial real estate and we can provide you with the exact number of transactions in a given area for a particular type of product over a period of time.

Broker Opinion of Value

Broker Opinion of Value

We use several method of determining the value of a property: Market Value, Replacement Value, Income Approach, and Assessment. The combination of these approaches allows us to provide a client with a solid understanding of the value of their real estate.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Are you at the stage in your business and you are wondering about retirement or the sale of your business, or maybe the real estate? Knowing the value of your business and its assets is important. Knowing if you should do a sale or lease-back is just as important. We can help you get the facts straight.

Lease vs Purchase

Lease vs. Purchase Analysis

It is always going to cost you money to occupy the space where your business operates, you should know when you should be investing in your real estate or investing in your business. We can help.

For more information about our consulting services, our fees and how we can assist you in researching your project please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Stephen at 604-781-5353.